Diversified Dictionary

Diversified Dictionary

Language Translator
Language translator helps to translate 30 languages into each other and helps you overcome the language barrier. We provide many language translations for you.

Voice Translator
Voice translator is an easy way to communicate between the people of different languages spoken. It's easy to use, Just click on the microphone icon and speak any word or sentence in your native language and it translates this into your desired language selected. You can also copy this translated text and send it to your friends.

Text Translator
Text Translator is a word input method through which you can write any text or sentence and press the translate button and it translates your words into the language you choose. It also has a text copy and paste option so you can easily copy your translated text and share it with others.

Chat translator keyboard Provides you with a better keyboard that instantly translates what you are typing and also translates the message you receive back. Which make it a seamless experience talking with foreigner in any language.


Diversified Dictionary

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